Top 10 Selling Cars November 2023 India

Published on Dec 10, 20233 min read

The car sales data for November 2023 is in, and although the hierarchy of top-performing brands remains unchanged, the numbers reveal a post-October festive market scenario. Maruti Suzuki maintained its lead, with Hyundai and Tata following closely. All top 10 car brands from the previous month saw a decline in month-on-month (MoM) demand, and Kia, Skoda, and Volkswagen also faced a dip in year-on-year (YoY) sales. Let’s delve deeper into the sales report for the top 10 best-selling car brands in November 2023.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR :

Maruti Suzuki WagonR
  • Key features: Spacious cabin, affordable price, fuel-efficient, easy to maintain.
  • Mileage: 22.5 kmpl (petrol), 34.7 km/kg (CNG).
  • Price: ₹5.47 lakh — ₹7.20 lakh (ex-showroom).

2. Maruti Suzuki Dzire:

Maruti Suzuki Dzire
  • Key features: Stylish and comfortable sedan, spacious cabin, fuel-efficient, good resale value.
  • Mileage: 24.12 kmpl (petrol), 31.21 km/kg (CNG).
  • Price: ₹6.44 lakh — ₹10.46 lakh (ex-showroom).

3. Maruti Suzuki Swift:

Maruti Suzuki Swift
  • Key features: Popular hatchback, sporty performance, fuel-efficient, good driving dynamics.
  • Mileage: 23.76 kmpl (petrol), 30.9 km/kg (CNG).
  • Price: ₹5.92 lakh — ₹9.34 lakh (ex-showroom).

4. Tata Nexon:

Tata Nexon
  • Key features: Stylish and modern SUV, spacious cabin, powerful engine, safe and secure.
  • Mileage: 19.20 kmpl (petrol), 24.35 km/kg (CNG), 23.97 km/l (diesel).
  • Price: ₹7.80 lakh — ₹14.49 lakh (ex-showroom).

5. Tata Punch:

Tata Punch
  • Key features: Compact and affordable SUV, stylish and modern design, spacious cabin, good fuel efficiency.
  • Mileage: 18.97 kmpl (petrol), 29.52 km/kg (CNG).
  • Price: ₹5.99 lakh — ₹9.99 lakh (ex-showroom).

6. Maruti Brezza:

Maruti Brezza
  • Key features: Rugged and capable SUV, Spacious and comfortable cabin, powerful engine, Sunroof.
  • Mileage: 17.38 kmpl (petrol), 25.51 kmpl (CNG).
  • Price: ₹8.29 lakh — ₹12.54 lakh (ex-showroom).

7. Maruti Suzuki Baleno:

Maruti Suzuki Baleno
  • Key features: Stylish and modern hatchback, spacious cabin, fuel-efficient, comfortable ride, good driving dynamics.
  • Mileage: 22.35 kmpl (petrol).
  • Price: ₹6.49 lakh — ₹9.83 lakh (ex-showroom).

8. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga:

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
  • Key features: Affordable MPV, spacious and comfortable cabin, fuel-efficient, good resale value.
  • Mileage: 20.51 kmpl (petrol), 26.11 km/kg (CNG).
  • Price: ₹8.35 lakh — ₹12.79 lakh (ex-showroom).

9. Mahindra Scorpio:

Mahindra Scorpio
  • Key features: Rugged and capable SUV, spacious cabin, powerful engine, good off-road ability.
  • Mileage: 15.2 kmpl (petrol), 16.6 kmpl (diesel).
  • Price: ₹13.25 lakh — ₹20.49 lakh (ex-showroom).

10. Hyundai Creta:

Hyundai Creta
  • Key features: Stylish and modern SUV, spacious cabin, powerful engine, comfortable ride, loaded with features.
  • Mileage: 16.8 kmpl (petrol), 18.8 kmpl (diesel).
  • Price: ₹10.44 lakh — ₹18.23 lakh (ex-showroom).

Note: Prices may vary depending on the city, state, and specific variant. It’s always recommended to check with the authorized dealer for the latest and updated information.

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Top Selling Used Cars

Maruti Alto
Maruti Alto
₹ 1.15 Lakhs - ₹ 4.49 Lakhs*
Hyundai 10
Hyundai 10
₹ 1.30 Lakhs - ₹ 5.50 Lakhs*
Honda City
Honda City
₹ 1.17 Lakhs - ₹ 14.75 Lakhs*
Maruti Swift Dzire
Maruti Swift Dzire
₹ 1.5 Lakhs - ₹ 8.89 Lakhs*
Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon
₹ 5.45 Lakhs - ₹ 14 Lakhs*

Discover Your Dream Car Today!

Mahindra Thar
Mahindra Thar
₹ 5.90 Lakhs - ₹ 18.50 Lakhs*
BMW 3 Series
BMW 3 Series
₹ 8.50 Lakhs - ₹ 54.50 Lakhs*
Mercedes Benz C Class
Mercedes Benz C Class
₹ 3.45 Lakhs - ₹ 62 Lakhs*
Audi A4
Audi A4
₹ 6.25 Lakhs - ₹ 37.5 Lakhs*
Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner
₹ 6.45 Lakhs - ₹ 48.75 Lakhs*

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